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Review everything you'd like in the website.

Then take a drive by to look at the house from the street and to look at the neighborhood.

Showings are by appointment only, so contact us if you decided you'd like to see the inside of the house.

Arrangements will have to be made with the current tenant if there is one and the unit is not vacant.

Very Important:

The property being offered for lease will go to the first approved applicant that has paid the tenant deposit.  With those two elements in place, we will take the property off the market, quit advertising it, quit showing it, take it off this website and take down the sign from the property and hold it for a reasonable amount of time.  

What is reasonable depends upon the unique circumstances at the time.  You should not give us the tenant  deposit unless you're certain you want the property.  If you've paid the deposit and we've approved your application and you later change your mind, you will forfeit the deposit since we will have shown you  consideration by taking the property off the market.  Of course, if you've paid the deposit and we are unable

to approve your application, it will be returned to you.

What’s Next?